Welcome Ladies!!

I truly believe that life is what you make it. Understand I wasn’t born with this realization, it has taken me many years, obstacles, and hiring a Life Coach to understand that no matter what comes, I always have a choice.  My blog was born out of my brand, Periods Should (K)not Be Painful. As I searched for blogs or magazines for women like me who live with Endometriosis and it’s complications, I found very few options. Yes, there is a lot of information out there that explains what Endometriosis is with all it’s technical jargon. What was missing was the reality of life with Endometriosis. What needs to be shown is how women with Endometriosis manage career, family, relationships, etc. What needs to be revealed is women who are overcoming Endometriosis and are trailblazers for other women who are struggling to find their footing. From there, I was compelled to create something for women who are dealing with any Reproductive Disorders or illness and to cultivate a space for the whole woman whether she be ill or not.  My blog is an informative sanctuary for womanhood, where women can come and be enlightened, empowered, and enkindled

“Because I’ve been through it, I can teach you how to get through it.”~Tamika


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