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Social Media Self-Care

I think Social Media is a wonderful invention. I have had the pleasure of connecting with some wonderful people because of social media. Unfortunately, as enjoyable as social media is, with it also comes some ugliness. Recently, I have been faced with a lot of unpleasantness via Facebook and it has hurt me deeply. People are so quick to say things over the web that they would never say to someone in the real world. As much as we say and know that virtual reality isn’t reality, there is an element of reality

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in the activities that take place on these platforms. If there was no true reality to social media, then it wouldn’t have such a significant impact on our lives. Because I recognize these facts, I have had to do some soul-searching and find ways to enjoy the benefits of social media and minimize the repulsive rumblings that find their way into my feed and inbox.

You are allowed to feel

Acknowledging that things that take place on the internet can be hurtful doesn’t make you weak. We are told to ignore the haters and dismiss the naysayers but words hurt. I am sensitive and I feel things deeply, especially when my personal life is brought to the internet and horrible things are said about me. As much as I am sensitive and protective of others and their feelings, I can be equally ruthless and destructive. I have learned to remove myself from situations that trigger these emotional uproars but when I am continually provoked, things can get explosive. So, it then becomes my responsibility to remove the people who trigger this behavior and work even harder on not being able to be triggered. While I am hurt by the things that have been said, I take full responsibility for my participation in my own hurt. I am allowed to feel my feelings, what I can’t do is sit in those feelings and do noting to protect myself and change my internet environment.

Clear the clutter

The easiest way to bring calm and positivity to your social media situation is by eliminating everything and everyone that doesn’t resonate with you. I took the time to go through my friends list on Facebook and truly look at the people who I have allowed into my space. If our outlooks, interactions, or conversations weren’t in alignment, I either deleted them or hide their content from appearing on my feed. Understand, I am not looking to hangout with people who are exactly like me, I am drawn to people who are different and creative but if a person’s content is highly negative and toxic, they have to be moved.

Let the blocking begin

Blocking people on social sites can be tricky. If you want to see someone have a full-blown meltdown on the internet, let them get blocked. I recently unblocked someone who I had blocked because I believe in unity in family, that was a huge mistake on my part. As soon as that block was lifted the messages and posts started flooding in. If someone has proven time and time again to be a trigger for you and is malicious in their communications, block them. Life has taught me, people are who they are; I can’t love a person into wholeness and I won’t be a victim of their brokenness. I have absolutely no problem blocking people in order to protect my environment online and off.

Scheduling reduces stress

Because I must have a personal page in order to have a business account, I have had to find ways to manage both with little to no stress. Personally, I enjoy seeing my family and friends on Facebook. I love seeing the kids at tournaments and doing fun things. Because I have real relationships that involve social sites, I have gotten creative in how I keep my personal life online stress free. Professionally, social media engagement is critical to the my success as a Content Creator and Influencer. I worked to find a way to be on social media for personal and professional purposes without getting stressed out and overwhelmed, a schedule. A schedule helps me be mindful of how much time and attention I give to the worldwide web, how much traffic it is generating for my business, and most importantly, it keeps me focused and accountable. Through my schedule I am able to plan posts for my business, catch the highlights from my loved ones, and share any happenings of my own. I have created on and off days for social media, I write them down on my board, and I am sticking to my schedule.

Mess to Message

I remember the early days of internet and social media when it was exhilarating and so much fun to learn and discover. As we have gotten comfortable with apps and sites, people have become more malicious. As with anything, there is good and bad but what we gain is entirely personal. In spite of the slanderous ugliness that has recently befallen me, I choose to focus on the positive benefits of having the world at my fingertips. While I am not here for the foolishness, I have gotten the message in the mess and I am letting it fuel my journey to success. Onward♥


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