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Her name is Edyn

I know convention says that I should’ve introduced Ms. Jacks before writing a post about her but I am unconventional. With that being said, allow me to introduce….

The Wonder That Is…..Screenshot_2018-02-14-09-05-48

If you are an avid Youtube watcher then I am sure you have come across the wonder that is Edyn Jacks. Edyn is a Vegan, Body Positive Advocate, Fitness lover, and Plus Size Fashion Influencer.

Many look at her and assume that she can’t be as into fitness and healthy eating as she claims because of her size, you know those folks on the outside looking in. According to Edyn, she has been “fat” all of her life and active since she was a child. She is use to being the biggest person in the gym and the most underestimated, yet she excels in various forms and levels of fitness activities. For her, physical fitness has always been her gateway to confidence.


The characteristic that makes Edyn so unique and needed in the Plus Size Fitness Community is her perception of exercise. For her, the value of fitness has nothing to do with appearance nor weight loss, her emphasis is on staying active and keeping her body moving. When she is working out, her capacity to excel gives her visibility as a person because she is seen for her talent and ability not her weight. She is a big advocate for knocking down barriers, especially in the fitness arena. She contributes her fierce confidence to putting good food in her body and staying fit.


You can find one of her most popular series, What A Fat Vegan Eats In A Day, on Youtube @EdynJacks.
Her other social media handles are: Instagram @Edynjacks , Twitter @EdynJacks


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