Minimalism: My Spiritual Awakening

Wouldn’t it be grand if I could tell you that I came to Minimalism by some angelic visitation from a celestial being? The truth is, minimalism became apart of my life because I am genetically wired to be a hoarder. I am a makeup addict, one day I was looking through my collection for a specific lipstick and discovered that I had 96 tubes of lipstick, I was alarmed. Yes, my lipsticks and make up was organized by color and brand but let’s be honest, I was hoarding make up. A fear fire was ignited and I began going through my collection and giving things away. As I was purging my make up, I asked myself why I had so much over and over again; I had no real answer. There is no need to have 96 tubes of lipstick, especially when I had so many of the same shade. I was just collecting things because it felt good to have stuff, but why? What was the make up doing for me? What void was it filling? Why did I need it so much? Once I felt I had cleared the clutter of my vanity table, I turned to my closet. My closet was filled with clothes that still had tags on them, clothes that I had purchased previously but never wore, and clothes that were either too little or too big. Again, I asked myself why I had or even needed so many clothes and shoes, I could barely close my closet doors.


The questions lead me to do some soul-searching and researching. In my search, I came upon the topic of Minimalism and Minimalist Living and I was moved. The concept of less being more is not something that I am ignorant to but I didn’t understand it as I thought. When I began to give things away and clear space, my anxiety became less aggressive, the panic attacks weren’t so frequent, and I was less rigid; I honestly felt free. Things are nice to have but when the things have you, there is a lack of balance. For me, being a Minimalist is about quality and not quantity. The amount of money that I was spending on make up and clothing can now be allocated to more life evolving and meaningful endeavors, like attending a meditation retreat, paying my fee for my life coach, or studying Transcendental Meditation; things that feed my soul and change my life. This doesn’t mean I don’t shop or that I stop being the girly girl diva that I am, I just shop with a purpose and with thoughtful consideration. If I see something cute that I want, I find something in my closet to giveaway or I ask myself is there a better way to spend my money. Minimalism is not about depriving yourself of nice things or living a boring life that is gray and muted. To me, Minimalism is about living life on purpose with purpose in every way possible. I am more financially thoughtful and that addiction to shopping that I failed to mention no longer controls my life.


So how did I transition from a life of excess to living as a Minimalist? Through my research on the subject, I found a 30 Day Minimalist Living Challenge and I took the plunge. I didn’t question it, I didn’t obsess over it, and I didn’t look for error; I just dived in and it changed my whole life. Spiritually speaking, living as a Minimalist has affected every area of my life from how I decorate my house to how I shop; it has made me a more conscious person. I am more invested in learning about and not contributing to animal cruelty in cosmetics, if it is not cruelty free or vegan, I don’t purchase it. I am educating myself more about food and what I am putting in my body, and I am discovering everyday how to adopt behaviors that promote health and wellness. I think the most profound spiritual experience of this journey has been my decision to study Buddhism. For years, I have been curious about Buddhism but being raised in a religious Christian family, even the discussion of the topic was taboo. Minimalism has given me freedom that has opened my mind up to possibilities that can now become realities and not just secret dreams‚ô•

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