Endometriosis My Enigma

As I lay here, post-op day 4, I believe, I keep hearing all of the uninformed and completely unsolicited comments I get about my condition and my body. I am baffled that with so much information on the interweb about Endometriosis there is still such mystery and misinformation circulating, how? I am not talking about statistical data, there are countless stories, interviews, and blogs about Endometriosis written by women who live with it or by the few qualified doctors who work tirelessly to treat it.

I feel compelled to stand up for myself and to be the voice for those whom haven’t found the strength to speak their truth. Endometriosis is an enigma, as much as is known about it, there is so much more that is unknown. There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING a woman can do to cause Endometriosis and there appears to be nothing that the medical world can do to cure it. So then we are in a peculiar place, we have to learn how to live with an enemy who has overstayed their welcome. We have to endure grief that is at best difficult to explain. We have to deal with the stigma of, “but you don’t look sick.” The saddest of all of this is the isolation. Friends abandon us, family forsakes us, employers dismiss us, and doctors doubt us; trust me, only the strong survive.

Lets fast forward to the purpose of this post, Endometriosis is like a gang, it never travels alone. If a woman has Endometriosis, more than likely she will have a few other conditions that follow. Things like Fibroids, Adenonymosis, Infertility, Vaginismus, Vaginitis, etc; Endometriosis always brings friends. To date, I have had over 30 vaginal trigger point injections to treat Vaginismus, which is what has me in recovery now. I don’t know of ANY woman that would willingly sign up to take 30 shots to her vag. While I am recovering, another surgery date is rapidly approaching which involves more injections, a removal of an Endometrioma, or the loss of my ovary. Everything that I do and that all women who have Endo do is an attempt to find some wellness and normalcy.

If you should encounter a woman with Endometriosis, I ask that you approach her with some empathy and compassion. We expect there to be questions and some confusion but remember she is fighting a hard battle that many know nothing of so be kind.

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