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Do I look like?

Do I look sick?
Do I look like I am level 8 on the pain scale EVERYDAY?
Do I look like I feel like somebody has set EVERYTHING in my pelvic area on fire?
Do I look like I feel like I am being stabbed with a flaming hot knife?
Do I look like I have had 14 surgeries?
Do I look like I am and always have been infertile?
When you see me, you see a beautiful black woman who is a wife, mom, sister, cousin, friend, teacher, writer, and much more but I do it ALL with #Endometriosis . My life with #Endometriosis began 18 years ago, it has been the biggest, most consuming, and exhausting fight of my life.
However, it is because of #Endometriosis that I am the RESILIENT woman that I am. Because of me and my experiences lives have been positively impacted, empowered, and saved. A cure may not come in my lifetime but because of my trials, determination, radical faith, mistakes, and my voice; we are getting closer to better treatment & a cure


2 thoughts on “Do I look like?”

  1. I can’t believe that I am just now reading your blog. I love it and I love you for being so strong and willing to help others get through like you’re doing. I love how you’re living through your pain enough to be there for others.

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