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Get To Know Me….

Recently, I realized that I have never really shared ME on my blogs. I talk about Endometriosis, Life, etc, and while those things are apart of my life, they are not the totality of who I am. So here are, 42 random, funny, weird, but factual things about me:

1. My name is Tamika(that should tell you the year in which I was born)
2. I miss my sister, every minute of everyday.


blog von
Von and baby me, the only pic of her that I can look at

3. I am the youngest of my siblings by a decade plus
4. I was born and raised in Detroit! I bleed the 313
5. I am a mom but I have never given birth(take that infertility)
6. I am obsessed with all things hair, make up, and nails; like a well laid sew- in is orgasmic, probably needs to be looked into obsession
7. My parents and grandparents are deceased, I often feel like I am alone in this world.
8. I have a blanky that I have had since I was very young, I can’t sleep without it, it goes everywhere with me, EVERYWHERE
9. I love cereal
10. I love words

know me

11. I want to write and publish for the rest of my life

12. Periods Should Knot Be Painful, my women’s reproductive health awareness organization, was born out of my darkest moments of illness and despair. It is one of my greatest accomplishments

11. I have a Life Coach
12. Pink and Black are my favorite colors
13. Home Decor makes me happy
14. I have PTSD
15. I have 3 grandchildren
16. I am developing a nail polish line
17. I am obsessed with Crime Documentaries

18. I love Beluga Whales,Orcas, horses, and Sharks
19. I overuse commas in my writing
21. I am a flirt, my ability to place words together so seamlessly has gotten me into a few sticky situations
22. Sex……enough said
23. I working to become a successful Blogger
24. Creative people fascinate me, I could watch them create for hours
25. I miss being a teacher
26. I miss traveling(damn you Endometriosis, and Chronic Pain)
27. I find distinct voices/accents extremely sexy
28. I am terrified of bugs and rodents
29. I love to laugh
30. I am horrible at giving driving directions
31. I adore Robin Roberts and Jennifer Beals, they are two of my favorite humans
32. Chocolate is life
33. I could eat Bananas everyday
34. I love ridiculously long baths
35. For me, words are the greatest aphrodisiac
36. I want to film a documentary

know me1

37. I truly believe that we are all connected
38. Reading is life
39. I am a Yorkie Mommy (Passion & Phalcon)
40. I wholeheartedly believe LOVE IS LOVE

41. I am working on two projects and can’t wait to release them

42. I am studying Spiritual Baths and I want to study Buddhism


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