Channeling, Calming, and Creating

Hey Ladies!!

Yesterday was an interesting day for me. I won’t say it was bad nor good, it was a day of opening, hurting, reflecting, and growing; it was a day! In the midst of all the emotional movement and mental spinning, I have to figure out how to use all that energy in a way that would be beneficial. Initially, I went to my desk to write but I felt that I was to raw to produce content that wouldn’t be somewhat tarnished so I turned to my favorite hobby, make up.

I don’t know about y’all but I love a good brow. As of late, I have been feeling chunky brows, at least that is what I call them. I want a nice size brow with a full tail, I am over the thin and crisp brow tail give me some width. I pulled out my favorite brow products, set up my camera, and recorded and impromptu Brow Tutorial for my YouTube channel. Doing so, gave me an avenue to calmly express how I was feeling and use that energy to create. Personally, I think I nailed it. Not only did I create a chunky brow, I got bold and went with a Burgundy Brow.

If you are anything like me you have a survival mode in which you switch to in order to protect and defend yourself. Being a survivor is what I know and what I do best. However, through my processing of yesterday’s events, I truly understood that I don’t need to defend my position on every subject. Perception is subjective and we won’t all see the same thing. It is absolutely ok to just allow things to be whatever they are.

Back to these Chunky Brows, I pulled out my products and went to work. I had a vision in mind and with patience, a few errors, and a lot of concealer; I got the brow size, shape, and color that I imagined. When you are feeling pulled in several directions, battered and bruised from life’s lessons; I encourage you to do as I did, STOP, Channel those feelings, immerse yourself in something that is calming, and

create a creation that soothes your entire being. Onward


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