Why You Need To Figure Out How To Become Who You Are

Last night as I was watching a movie, Before I Fall, with my teenager, I was struck and so deeply moved by a statement. This statement stayed with me all night. As I tossed and turned, thanks insomnia, I kept hearing the statement. One of the characters had a poster in his room and the poster said, “Become Who You Are.” Immediately the words jumped out at me and inspired me to reflect and write. “Become Who You Are,” I don’t know who coined this phrase but I owe him/her sincere thanks for shaking me out of writer’s block and charging me with a truly life changing task.

I am not a movie person, I just don’t have the attention span for it. However, I absolutely stan for Jennifer Beals so if she is in it I am watching it. Plus, we are in the weird space between Christmas and the New Year where the days and time seem to merge into one big blob and you aren’t sure of the hour nor date. Because watching Before I Fall has been on my to do list and my teenager is home, I took the time to watch, I was not ready. That movie spoke to me in ways that I didn’t anticipate. It left me so deep in my feelings and so tremendously inspired. I am not going to give away the details, I encourage you to just watch it.

Back to this poster, when I saw the poster, after I settled down into the depth of it’s message, I started thinking about what the poster was saying, “Become Who You Are,” seems so simple but when I studied the words of this statement, I saw something. If becoming who you are is an innate task, something that just happens without one having to actively engage, there would be no need for the charge assigned by this collection of words. Imagine living in an atmosphere where you could become who you are. Imagine living in a family where you are allowed to discover you, separate from expectations and imposed traditions. Imagine attending a school that allows you to discover self without the demands of standardized tests, peer pressure, and the threat of violence. Can you even fathom what an existence like this?

Become Who You Are.

I could go on and on but let’s get to the meat of the matter. Who you are, I believe, is someone that you and I have yet to tap into. Many of us are on the road to discovery and day by day, we are bumping into pieces of who we are. We are weeding our way through the polluted messages that told us who to be, how to act, and what to believe. We have created lives around what we were told. We married, went into careers, started families, and settled into living not on our own terms but on the rules we were instructed to follow. It is because of this that the creators and writers of Before I Fall thought it necessary to include such a penetrating message, I believe.

If I could leave you with one lesson that I took from the movie and the statement it would be this, we only get one time on this earth and to live it as less than who you are is to do yourself and humanity a disservice. It is time for you and I to become who we are, to live in our divine purpose on purpose and to provoke others to do the same. If we lived in our authenticity imagine what this world and life would be, imagine how fulfilling of an existence we would bask in. I earnestly encourage you, my readers, to search yourselves and figure out how you to can, “Become Who You Are.”


  1. “To live in our divine purpose on purpose” THIS!!!! I need to watch Before I Fall. I’ve seen lots of movies, don’t know how I missed this one. So I made time to read your posts (I have way too much on my plate lol) and my favorite thing about them is your transparency. So many people fear the authentic and are afraid to be authentic. They’re not comfortable with the truth. I love it. I’ve learned so much about you. Sharing our truths is how we help ourselves and others. Keep writing Queen!!!

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