Are You Having A Once In A Lifetime Experience And Not Recognizing It

I don’t know about you but most of my divine downloads, you know aha moments, happen when I am in or near water, specifically my bathtub or my shower. The other day, after having a rather cumbersome time with writing, I retreated to my shower to cleanse my body and unburden my soul with shower meditation. As the calming smell of my Dove body-wash and the hot water rid my skin of the debris and I visualized the weights of the moment being rinsed off going down the drain, God began to teach me a life-changing truth. In the dark(yeah showers in the dark soothe my nocturnal soul), I heard, “people are experiences.” Because I know that my well of wisdom doesn’t go that deep, I realized that God was about to blow my mind open. Again, I heard, “people are experiences,” as I thought about what was being spoken to me, a light came on and I saw it so clearly, people are experiences, once in a lifetime experiences, at that.

My thoughts traveled to my sister and I began to remember life with her and what it had been. I was amazed. How had I not seen this before? All the moments I had with her, whether they were full of laughs or flowing with tears, were times that wouldn’t occur again. Of course, I went to concerts, movies, rode buses, and made memories with other people but my first time doing most of those happened with Lavon. It dawned on me, she wasn’t just my big sister and mama’s right hand, she was a singular lifetime occurrence. With the enormity of this awakening upon me, I was reminded other times in my shower when I was filled with paralyzing grief and despair. I would be on my knees wailing and weeping in agony, actually vomiting because the shock of her death and the resulting grief were eating me alive. Yet, there I was in the same place, thinking of the same person, none of the circumstances had changed but a new sensation began to spring up in me. I began to fully embrace my sister’s physical departure while being filled with so much gratitude. Miraculously, for the first time since February 29, 2016, I smiled at the thought of my sister and I felt it throughout my whole body, another level of healing was happening. I stepped out of the shower, cleansed and revived. I became acquainted with a part of myself that I’d never known and my perspective of people changed.

I believe that we have gotten so comfortable with the people in our lives that we take them for granted, distorting our view of them. Imagine how the world would change if everyone understood that the relationships, interactions, and encounters that we have with others are a once in a lifetime chance. Maybe the times that cause us to hurt wouldn’t be so crippling and the moments that create memories would be more cherished. I wish I could adequately put into words how profound and enlightening my shower lesson was, but to provoke others to take the blinders off and see people for what they truly are is my only hope. I encourage you to be curious and courageous enough to take a deeper look at the ones that are around you, stop looking at them as just another person that occupies a body and see them for who they are, a divine experience. As you open yourself up to others, you will find that you too are a once in a lifetime wonder.


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