These Affirmations Help Me Live Mindfully and Balanced with Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Life with Generalized Anxiety Disorder can be unpredictable, from the constant worrying to the panic attacks, having a sense of control can be fleeting. If I am, to be honest, trying to control the symptoms of G.A.D only complicates an already perplexing situation, we’ll discuss that in another post. For me, affirmations are like wells of strength that remind me to connect to my inner source of vitality. By now, most of us are aware of the power that words have over our lives. The things that we are saying both audibly and in thought-form are helping to create the state of our lives. Thoughts, as I have stated before can be overwhelming and challenging to navigate when you have an anxiety disorder, words, however, the things that you speak, are definitely a choice that belongs solely to you. Using affirmations has become a major part of my life and my response to anxious thoughts, worry, triggers, or any life circumstance. My affirmations are highly curated to the way I live, what I am creating, my healing journey, and expanding my faith. My word choices help me cultivate peace, faith, love, balance, mindfulness, abundance, and unconditional joy. My arsenal of affirmations is full of words that empower me, they come from google searches, quotes that resonate with me, books, bible verses, my life coach, music, my grandma, and a plethora of other places.

The Prayer of Protection

I believe I’ve mentioned this prayer in another post, it’s a prayer that I learned from Robin Roberts, it has become apart of my daily spiritual routine, affirmations, and even my shower meditation. It reminds me of a prayer that my grandma taught me when I was a kid minus the crippling references to death, it goes as follows:

The light of God surrounds me

The love of God enfolds me

The power of God protects me

The presence of God watches over me

Wherever I am, God is

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For the purpose of this post, I will share affirmations that I use to bring balance to my internal and external world, they remind me that peace is always an option that I can choose.

All is well. Right here. Right now.

Peace begins with me

I am a channel of peace and well-being

I let go of fear and embrace love

I connect with the comforting silence of my soul

I am an island of calm in a sea of uncertainty

My need for peace is abundantly met

I experience a sense of peace and love with every breath

I am aware of all the beauty around me.

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Every day, after I’ve gone through my prayers and meditation, I pick an affirmation that will be my focus for the day. I recite it over and over, I write it in my journal, and I sit with it and let it speak to me. On my whiteboard, I write several affirmations that I want to focus on, I keep them in front of me at all times, in various ways. In the beginning, when you start to use affirmations, your mind may tell you that it isn’t working and that the practice is stupid, stay the course and trust the process. As humans, with such complex minds, we have to keep thinking on things that we want to show up in our lives, as Robin Roberts says, “being optimistic is like a muscle that gets stronger with use…” I encourage up you to start using affirmations to find your space of inner calm and balance. Affirmations won’t cure your anxiety and it is extremely important to work with mental health professionals to develop a plan that works for your individual situation. Nonetheless, adopting a lifestyle that uses words that keeps me mindful and present has down wonders for my mental health, my interactions with others, and my life overall.

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