My 2020 Book-list: What I am Reading and Why

I either read somewhere or saw a meme that said something like we are the people we spend time with and the books we read. I am an avid reader. I am drawn to a book if it’s about a subject that I am interested in studying, personal development, mental health, or spirituality. Currently, I am on a Gabby Bernstein bender, Spirit Junkie is confirming a lot for me while teaching me even more. As I prepare for 2020, a part of my planning includes choosing the books that I need to read to meet my goals, professionally, personally, and spiritually. For me, books are powerful teachers, it is a hobby that for a long time, grief and depression hindered, I am happily back in my reading groove. I have been researching and window shopping to compile my 2020 reading list, I am pretty pleased with it thus far. Of course, I will read more than the 13 books that I am going to list but I think this is a pretty good foundation to build upon. So for those of you looking for reading inspiration, pursue my list and be inspired. I have provided links to make browsing less overwhelming. A quick click on the pic and you are done. Happy reading!!

The Universe Has Your Back

Super Attractor

Super Attractor Journal

The Mastery of Self

Everything is Figureoutable

Abundance Now

Secrets of The Millionaire Mind

The Five Second Rule

Big Magic

Non-Violent Communication

Childhood Disrupted

Vibrate Higher Daily

Today I Affirm


  1. Hee! This post is awesome. I feel like I can totally get a feel for a person, and where their mind is at the moment, based on what’s on their reading list. I think I’ll make a similar post closer to the end of the year…

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