Four Simple Ways To Begin An Affirmation Practice

We are divine beings capable of creating with our words. As I shared with you in a previous post, affirmations help me set intentions for the day and give me a focal point for my faith, while helping to combat anxious thoughts caused by Generalized Anxiety Disorder. If you are just beginning to explore using affirmations, figuring out how a collection of words can shift your life might be difficult to grasp. The key to employing the use of affirmations for visualizing, goal setting, or faith-strengthening requires a determined belief in the words that you speak. Initially, you may not believe what you are saying but the more that you say it, the more real the words become to you. When you choose an affirmation, work on leaning into the feelings that it gives you and let that be your anchor. 

Affirmation:  I am worthy, wise, and wonderful. Confidence comes naturally to me

Affirmations Are….

According to, “affirmations are positive statements that can help you to challenge and overcome self-sabotaging and negative thoughts. When you repeat them often and believe in them, you can start to make positive changes.” It’s no secret that we spend a great amount of time having conversations with ourselves that are more harmful than helpful. We live in a social media-saturated world that holds a mirror of distortion in front of us, pointing out all that is wrong, we are buying into the lies of comparison and self-hatred click by click. In order to live in the fulfillment of your best life, a shift in your self talk is necessary. You’ll never be great if you are constantly obsessing about what you aren’t, when you begin celebrating and being grateful for who you are, moving away from a fear based focus to a faith infused outlook your sense of self will be revived. As the saying goes, “speak what you seek until you see what you’ve said.” Yes, there’s more to an affirmation practice than just saying words, you’ve got to buy into what you are saying. As you believe in the words that you speak. you will notice that how you respond to life’s circumstances will change. I am not telling you that this method will eliminate the ups and downs of living, things are going to happen but when you have a focal point, the drama of life no longer dictates your attitude. You disarm the chaos by looking for the life lessons and applying them. Understand, some days you’ll hit your affirmation target and on other occasions, you will rely upon old ways, it’s ok, change is messy in the beginning. When you slip just remember to find your footing and continue to grow.

Affirmation: I apply my creative imagination to visualizing my goals in complete details

Way to begin an affirmation practice

  1. Find Affirmations that speak to you. There’s no one size fits all to affirmations. At this moment the one that’s speaking to me in profound ways is a quote from a book on my book list, The Universe Has Your Back, it says, “I focus my attention on the love that’s around me and I expect miracles.” You can find affirmations anywhere, it’s nothing more than words that resonate with you deeply. They may be song lyrics, passages from story, scriptures, poetry, etc, if you relate with the words, use them.
  2. Keep it in front of you. Once you’ve found statements that call to you, to grow into what you are envisioning, you’ve got to keep it before you. When I find text that sparks me, I write it on my whiteboard, set alarms in my phone using the affirmation as the title, and I plaster sticky notes all over my bathroom mirror. Use any tactic that’s going to help you center your thoughts on what you want to manifest(create).
  3. Feel It. As you begin to say the words to yourself or out loud, you may have a physical or emotional reaction, lean into it. When you feel inspired, excited, or motivated to act because of your affirmation choice, stick with that feeling. Develop the habit of visualizing and feeling what you want to accomplish via your words. On days when what you see isn’t lining up with what you are professing, tap into the feelings of your goal.
  4. Speak it. Believe it. Release it. Words are life and you can trust that when you rely upon the faith of what you are reciting, your dreams will come true. Allow yourself to be guided without needing to control the outcome. Have faith that what you’ve spoken is in the hands of God(Universe, Spirit, etc) and it will happen. Having an affirmation practice requires that we detach from needing to have all the details. When you feel your faith waning, think about other times when you’ve trusted the process without fully understanding it and how it felt when things worked in your favor. Resist the urge to control and just allow.
Affirmation: I am balanced and peaceful even in hard situations

We all have an it(struggles, behaviors, wounds, etc) that need to be healed or we are working to meet another milestone in reaching a goal. For me, affirmations have become one of the cornerstones of my success and my healing journey, they keep me mindful, help with anxiety, and they fuel my faith. When my life coach introduced me to this method, I had no idea how it would transform my life. Just writing down and repeating words alone won’t uproot limiting beliefs, negative self-talk, nor self-betrayal but when you allow the power of the words to impact your thoughts, decisions, and perception, you will notice that as you change so does your environment. It is said that it takes 21 days to make or break a habit, adopt this method for three weeks and I guarantee you will be amazed by the improvements in your stress levels, faith, and outlook.


  1. Mika,
    This is remarkable.
    The mirror of the world is distorted due to the heartache, pain, and suffering of humanity in silence. Once you learn to validate yourself, motivate yourself and inspire yourself for success, there is no sky to ever limit you.
    This forms part of my daily routine and forms the daily experiences that prepare me to deal with the diversity of entrepreneurs.
    Ask the wildly successful people and it will surprise you of their daily declarations that begun as simple affirmations, and how their lives have been shaped by this.
    If only each one of us caught this and ran with it!
    I have added to Pinterest, Flipboard, Twitter and mix to share.

    Liked by 1 person

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