Get You A Life Coach


In 2015 I made a life changing decision, I invested me and got a Life Coach. For years I wanted to work with a life coach but my upbringing and religious expectations prevented it. Somehow, we all know it was God, I came across Coach Kerri on Facebook and I started following her. For 4 years, I wanted her page and posts, longing to be her client but afraid to sign up. I created a Vision Board and I put her picture on my board. I didn’t know when nor how but I knew I was gonna work with her. At the end of the 4 years, I had the finances and I found the courage to sign up!


The moment I signed the contracts, panic set in and I was pretty sure I was doomed to spend my eternal days in a lake of fire, indoctrinated much? I went into coaching thinking that we would be discussing my business goals and idea. Coaching and Coach Kerri was not what I expected. Before we discussed any goals, she spent time getting to know me and getting to the root of me. There was and is so much to me that even I wasn’t aware of but she saw it all. When it seemed like the dust was clearing and I was learning and growing in my sessions, my sister suddenly died and my life was ripped apart.


I could write an entire post about all that Coach did and still does for me during one of the darkest periods of my life. I was devastated, delusional, detached, and destined to die. Coach Kerri came into that darkness with me everyday and she told me, if I let her, she would show me the way out. Here I am 2 years later, alive, healing, and looking forward to my future. She literally saved my life. I had no idea that the 4 year wait to become her client was God orchestrated. God knew that my sister was gonna die and he knew it would take a specific person to help me heal and recover. Man, God loves me and Coach Kerri is proof of his love for me.


This section of my website is about coaching and how it has changed my life, from learning about The Law of Attraction to learning how to manifest my desires. While I can’t teach you what she teaches me, I can lead you to the teacher herself and share with you how working with her has made me a better being. Coach Kerri has touched every aspect of my life from money to spirituality, she has helped me wake up to life changing truths and I am glad about it. I am learning to live a life that I love and I am discovering my individuality and I love it! Investing in yourself is one of the best decisions you can ever make, get like me and get you a life coach.


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