Periods Should (K)not Be Painful


Contrary to what we’ve been told ALL of our lives, PERIODS SHOULD (K)NOT BE PAINFUL!

During your monthly cycle, mild pain that can be controlled by OTC(Over The Counter) pain meds is commonly normal. However, if your pain level has reached an intense level and is climbing, if you are curled up in a fetal ball feeling like your insides are tied in KNOTS, if you are crying in agony or like me, making MONTHLY trips to the Emergency Room; you are having ABNORMAL menstrual cycles.

Pain like this should not be passed off as a woman’s lot in life. It should be taken seriously and brought to the attention of a qualified Gynecologist immediately! Gone are the days when we could pass off our periods as a painful monthly inconvenience. No longer can we turn our heads and reach for the Tylenol, praying for relief that never comes. Our lives, fertility, future, and womanhood are being attacked. Its time to call this enemy out by it’s name and let it know that we are ready to fight for our wellness and lives!

No, your period should not be debilitatingly painful!
No, your period should not hinder your day to day lifestyle!
No, your period should not cost you your job!
No, your period should not destroy your friendships and relationships!

That is not having a monthly period, that is your body sending you a message that something is wrong.


It is the purpose and goal of PSKBP to raise awareness by bring attention to diseases that plague women during their Reproductive Prime and beyond. To ensure that these conditions get the recognition that is needed to get better treatment, broader research funding, more media attention, better health care resources, and more conversations about the significant impact on the lives of women, their families, and careers. We want to improve the quality of life for women who battle these conditions. Also, it is our mission to do the following:
End Isolation
Eradicate the Stigma that we are mentally ill
Have these conditions recognized appropriately
Cut down the amount of time it takes for diagnosis
Ensure that women receive the treatment that is needed
Improve the quality of life for women through support and resources
Educate the public on the fundamental truths of these conditions
Build a network of qualified, compassionate, and capable Doctors and specialists, nationwide

As women who live with invisible illnesses, we are judged by how we look and not by how we feel. People, including medical providers, look at our appearance and make assumptions about our lives. Because our symptoms and struggles are all internal or unable to be seen, they assume, “it can’t be that bad.” It is time for the world to get over how we look and listen to our cries for help, understanding, and action.


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