Plus Size Pretty

If you are over a size 14 or depending on how you carry your weight, then you have heard the insultingbestest phlow compliment, “You are pretty, for a big girl.” Unless I missed something in the latest scientific or medical periodicals, I was not aware that size was a measurement or a factor in determining one’s beauty. I don’t know what’s  in the collective societal brain that has people convinced that any woman larger than a size 4 is unattractive. I am so over people and their uniformed, belittling opinions and compliments. Do us a favor, keep them to yourself! So, when you see a Plus Size woman owning it, walking with her head held high, and wearing her size like the finest garment ever crafted, simply say, “you are so pretty.” Because whether society accepts it or not, we are here and we are relishing in all of our glory, from head to toe, every ounce and pound. Gone are the days when magazines and the  fashion industry tried to force us to believe that we are less than and should be hidden in the shadows. No, we are in the spotlight and it loves us, beauty radiates from our pores. Then next time you see us out in the world living life in all of our glorious splendor and you want to compliment our beauty, take the pause(comma) out because we are, PRETTY PERIOD!bestest phlow1