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Religion or Spirituality: Damned or Divine

I grew up in a religious Christian household. We went to Sunday School and Service on Sundays, Vacation Bible School in the summer, took Communion on every First Sunday, and participated in every Christian activity my grandma could put us in. We were taught to love the Lord and to fear Him. We knew that… Continue reading Religion or Spirituality: Damned or Divine

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Minimalism: My Spiritual Awakening

Wouldn't it be grand if I could tell you that I came to Minimalism by some angelic visitation from a celestial being? The truth is, minimalism became apart of my life because I am genetically wired to be a hoarder. I am a make addict, one day I was looking through my collection for a… Continue reading Minimalism: My Spiritual Awakening

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Where, from here?

Have you ever been in a place in your life where you know change is on the horizon? You know that place where staying as you are, where you are isn't an option but you aren't sure where to go. It is that period in life where you have changed and you are deeply uncomfortable… Continue reading Where, from here?