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Get To Know Me….

Recently, I realized that I have never really shared MEĀ on my blogs. I talk about Endometriosis, Life, etc, and while those things are apart of my life, they are not the totality of who I am. So here are, 42 random, funny, weird, but factual things about me: 1. My name is Tamika(that should tell… Continue reading Get To Know Me….

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Her name is Edyn

I know convention says that I should've introduced Ms. Jacks before writing a post about her but I am unconventional. With that being said, allow me to introduce.... The Wonder That Is..... If you are an avid Youtube watcher then I am sure you have come across the wonder that is Edyn Jacks. Edyn is… Continue reading Her name is Edyn

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Dinner by Discipline

I have a nostalgic personality, if it causes those feel good goose bumps, I will bask in the memory as often as I can. My grandmother was an amazing woman for so many reasons, especially her cooking skills. She would spend her entire day in the kitchen, from sun up to sun down, she was… Continue reading Dinner by Discipline