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Get To Know Me….

Recently, I realized that I have never really shared ME on my blogs. I talk about Endometriosis, Life, etc, and while those things are apart of my life, they are not the totality of who I am. So here are, 42 random, funny, weird, but factual things about me: 1. My name is Tamika(that should tell… Continue reading Get To Know Me….

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Isolated by illness

hese are the people who will hear your silent cries for help. These are the people who will only look down on you when they have to pick you up off the floor.

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The Powerful Princess

Shameka Scott(Princess) is a Georgia native, a mother, a student, and an educator; who has taken her passion for teaching and empowering others from the classroom to the community.  Because she had a sincere desire to see empowering relationships among women in their 30s, she founded an organization to meet the need. In addition to… Continue reading The Powerful Princess

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How to break your own heart

Valentine's Day is rapidly approaching and in keeping with the spirit of the season, I thought I would share a tidbit of wisdom with my readers ♥ Humans are interesting creatures, capable of the most magnificent inventions and equally responsible for some of the greatest destructions in the world. They are boundless in beauty, the vastness… Continue reading How to break your own heart

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It’s NOT them, it’s YOU.

It is a complex combination of parallel traits and kindred mannerisms attempting to fit into a symmetrical synergy, it's a discovery of identity and a dive into the depths of dissimilarity, it's an awakening to the knowledge of imperfections and purity, and it is the evolution of brilliance. Doesn't this description sound mysteriously appealing but… Continue reading It’s NOT them, it’s YOU.


The Phenomenon of Friendship

Hi Ladies! My belief in the sacredness of the bonds of sisterhood among females is no secret. We all know that I believe quality friendships make life so rich. As a woman who has friendships that span over 3 decades, I feel I am versed enough on the subject to help women build cords of… Continue reading The Phenomenon of Friendship