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Healing is a painful process! I awoke from a dream and it has me in a healing phase, AGAIN. Have you ever noticed that there are some things that require more healing than others? Does it seem like as soon as you heal from this now you have to heal from that? I was never… Continue reading Layers

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The Break up will be beautiful, but first it will hurt.

I am no stranger to break ups, I have had several relationships in my life and they have all ended, whether it was amicable or not, they ended. Now, before you reach for your phone to call me and get the tea on why my relationship is ending let me stop you, I am breaking… Continue reading The Break up will be beautiful, but first it will hurt.

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What is your Happy?

You say you want to be happy, to live this life of jubilant glee. Do you really, or is it just a bandwagon expression that you have jumped onto. Maybe a better question is, what is your happy? How do you define happy? What do you need or want in your life that will bring… Continue reading What is your Happy?

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Your Tribe Matters

Make sure that you build a tribe that is as excited about your individuality as you are. A tribe that supports you blossoming in your own identity. A tribe that is comfortable with who you are more than what you supply. A tribe that wants you to become all that God created you to be.… Continue reading Your Tribe Matters

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Blended Families

This is the eve of my surgery, I have packed my bag, picked out my cutest pajamas to wear to hospital, and took my first antibacterial shower in preparation for yet another trip to the O.R. While the surgery and recovery are on my mind, what is at the forefront of my mind is my… Continue reading Blended Families

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The Powerful Princess

Shameka Scott(Princess) is a Georgia native, a mother, a student, and an educator; who has taken her passion for teaching and empowering others from the classroom to the community.  Because she had a sincere desire to see empowering relationships among women in their 30s, she founded an organization to meet the need. In addition to… Continue reading The Powerful Princess

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Her name is Edyn

I know convention says that I should've introduced Ms. Jacks before writing a post about her but I am unconventional. With that being said, allow me to introduce.... The Wonder That Is..... If you are an avid Youtube watcher then I am sure you have come across the wonder that is Edyn Jacks. Edyn is… Continue reading Her name is Edyn