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Her name is Edyn

I know convention says that I should've introduced Ms. Jacks before writing a post about her but I am unconventional. With that being said, allow me to introduce.... The Wonder That Is..... If you are an avid Youtube watcher then I am sure you have come across the wonder that is Edyn Jacks. Edyn is… Continue reading Her name is Edyn

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Edyn’s Energy

The moment I learned how to shift my perception of exercise is the moment my fitness life changed. If you are anything like me, the idea of working out was a tedious task. The notion of waking up muscles that have been peacefully laying dormant, knowing that the results would be overwhelming soreness, is something… Continue reading Edyn’s Energy

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Social Media Self-Care

I think Social Media is a wonderful invention. I have had the pleasure of connecting with some wonderful people because of social media. Unfortunately, as enjoyable as social media is, with it also comes some ugliness. Recently, I have been faced with a lot of unpleasantness via Facebook and it has hurt me deeply. People… Continue reading Social Media Self-Care

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We Belong…..

Recently, I was involved inĀ  some social media drama that turned very ugly. Unfortunately, it was with members of my family, the things that were said about me where untrue and profoundly hurtful. I made some changes on my social media accounts and interactions, cried until I was hoarse, sought counsel from my life coach,… Continue reading We Belong…..